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Our Story

In Sanskrit, there is a word, Lila (pronounced Leela) meaning to play. But so much more than our English translation to play. It is the play of life. The stage on which life expresses itself. It has all the colorful characters you can imagine, a stellar art department, wicked special effects, and incredible stories. It is the painter, the painted, and the painting. What a divine play.


We have traveled so many avenues to arrive where we are now, and the avenue we find ourselves traveling is carving a new way, with a new name for our beloved studio. Lila.


We are here to play... with yoga, dance, retreats, workshops, teacher training, sound baths, book clubs, cacao, and moon ceremonies, goddess circles, kirtan, live music, live performances, celebrations, and anything else we dream into being.  

This rebirth is a force of creative expression that simply exists to play on the field of consciousness and to witness its divine unfoldings.  What a gift to hold a space to create infinite possibilities.  And so I cordially invite you to come play with us in this Lila, this divine play, exploring our individual and collective body, mind, and spirit.




As we travel the many paths throughout our lives, we discover avenues that bring us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.  The foundation of our practice here at Lila Studio is to connect the physical expression of the body with a mental, emotional and spiritual journey- a journey guided by the ancient wisdom of yoga and the divine play of life. By learning to connect our body with breath, heart, and conscious awareness, we explore the avenues that reveal the inherent magic within each of us that deeply nourishes our body, mind and spirit collectively. 


Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

our offerings

Yoga • Meditation • Retreats • Teacher Trainings • Ayurveda • Life Coaching • Special Studies & Workshops • Poetry Night • Spirit Book Club • Dance  • Mantra • Crafting Workshops • Reiki • Massage • Goddess Circles • Moon Ceremonies • Shamanic Journeys • Venue Space • Special Events



Klay N.

This is easily the most beautiful yoga studio I've ever been to, and I've been to many across the United States. The ambiance is brilliant, and the energy is unbelievable. You feel welcome from the moment you step inside, from the warm and friendly staff to the design and layout. Great classes and skilled teachers, highly recommended!! 😊