YOGA FOR THE STARS: A Course in Vedic Astrology

We are all energy. At the moment you were born, the fingerprint of your energy was set based on the light wheel of the sky and how it reflected at your birth. Our Mind, Body, and Spirit are all parts of a bigger whole that can be mapped out and studied for a lifetime.  Discover how to harmonize and play with the deeper symbolism of your Self.


This 4-week course will open you up to a deeper understanding of yourself and how the subtle energies of consciousness influence your life.

Our time together includes a 100 page astrological report, basic chart readings, and a Vedic Astrology manual. We will go over what gemstones to work with, mantras, different techniques and practices, and other therapies to help harmonize planetary karma.

Tuition Cost: $108  or $35 drop in

Next Series Coming in April

4 Sundays 2:30 - 4:30pm 

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